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SAR Warrior Vest

Part Number: AMTC-V1012-BL
SAR Warrior Vest
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The SAR Warrior vest is the US Coast Guard’s aircrew survival vest. The SAR Warrior was designed to be light weight and easy to use. This light weight vest incorporates a lifting harness, optional LPU-40 flotation Collar (65 lbs. of buoyancy), MOLLE loops for optional holster, and seven pockets. The pockets are sewn at a 30° degree angle to accommodate aircrews in smaller seats, to provide easier access, and to provide a clear area on the torso for a five-point harness release buckle. Pockets are permanently sewn down and provide storage for the following:

• SEA emergency escape bottle pocket

• Radio and Utility pocket

• Pen flare kit pocket

• Day / Night hand flare pocket (MK-124)

• Two small multi purpose pockets

• Survival item storage pocket

One size fits most.