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Capewell Aerial Systems offers a variety of products to meet the unique needs of the offshore drilling industry. Our product line includes compressed air emergency breathing systems as well as personnel transfer devices. We also offer ground support products and refill stations to complement our EBS systems.

    ►Oil & Gas Industry Products Overview
    Click here for an overview of all Capewell products for the Oil & Gas Industry. Click below to see specific types of products.
    ►Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Our line of PPE includes survival vests, flotation collars, and harnesses not only for helicopter transport crews, but also for offshore rig workers who travel frequently by helicopter.
    ►Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA EBS)
    Capewell is an Authorized Distributor of Aqua Lung Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems.
    ►CA EBS Ground Support Equipment
    Capewell offers refill stations and ground support systems to complement our Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems.
    ► Personnel Transfer
    Capewell's SeaTEP transfer platform expedites transfer of personnel and supplies to and from the drilling rig via crane.