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►Parachute Components & Accessories
AERIAL is a major supplier of military parachute harnesses as well as related hardware and accessories for parachuting. Choose AERIAL for any mil-spec parachute component or assembly.
►Personal Restraints and Seatbelts
AERIAL makes seatbelts and shoulder harnesses for fixed and rotary wing aircraft as well as restraints for hoist operators and loadmasters. We can customize products to meet your individual requirements.
►Search and Rescue Equipment
AERIAL makes all of the basic equipment needed for hoist rescue operations including operator restraints, leg slings, and swimmer restraints. AERIAL’s patented helicopter rescue hook is the world standard for both civilian and military search and rescue operations.
►Tactical Vests and Harnesses
From military spec survival vests to specialty gear for law enforcement, AERIAL tactical vests and specialty harnesses keep personnel safe in perilous situations.
►US Coast Guard Products
AERIAL is proud to be a trusted supplier to the US Coast Guard. Our life-safety gear and search and rescue products meet the tough standards required for equipment that sees regular use in very demanding situations.
►US Navy Products
AERIAL is a ling-time supplier of specialty products for the US Navy.
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