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Do Business with AERIAL… it's easy
The first step is getting in touch. If you think that AERIAL might be a good match for your manufacturing needs, we would be happy to explore the possibilities with you. Simply contact company president, John Marcaccio via telephone, fax or email to get the dialog started. Once we have the necessary information about your project, we’ll submit a proposal and price quote. Your privacy is very important to us. Rest assured that we will not share your information with any person or organization outside of AERIAL.
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What kind of companies and organizations work with AERIAL?
AERIAL is a prime contractor for the US Department of Defense. We work directly with every branch of the US Military and with many allied foreign militaries. We also work as an approved subcontractor for many DOD prime contractors.

In recent years, our business has expanded into exciting new areas. Commercial and industrial contract manufacturing—for applications in and outside of the military—has become the fastest growing area of our business.

Our commercial and industrial customers are primarily companies that need high-quality sewn or machined products for heavy-duty cargo handling or life-safety applications. Liability, quality or timing issues often steer these companies away from lower cost offshore suppliers.

AERIAL makes products for :
> All branches of the US Military
> National Guard and Reserve Units
> Special Operations Forces
> Homeland Security
> Prime Defense Contractors
> Allied Foreign Militaries
> Major Airframe Manufacturers
> Search & Rescue Organizations
> Police & Law Enforcement Agencies
> Forestry and Park Services Departments
> Private Industry
> Global Distributors

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