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ABOUT AERIAL: Past and present >
AERIAL Machine and Tool Corporation was founded by Benjamin Kurz in Long Island City, NY in 1926. The company was located just across the river from Manhattan in the shadow of the new Queensboro Bridge. Calvin Coolidge was president at the time; talking motion pictures were about to be introduced and Charles Lindbergh was preparing to make the first ever trans-Atlantic airplane flight.

Kurz built his modest machine shop business for a few years before the great depression hit hard. The business held on through the tough times and survived on Kurz’ dedication to quality and his refusal to cut corners. As the economy improved, AERIAL’s reputation grew and the company thrived. By 1940, AERIAL had become a prime contractor for the US Department of Defense, a distinction that it enjoys to this day. The company expanded as the nation prepared for World War II. Sewing capabilities were added and the company began to specialize in life-safety equipment, parachute hardware and accessories, belts, harnesses, restraints and case goods. These products remain an important part of AERIAL’s business even today.

Benjamin Kurz passed away in 1978 and the company was sold by his heirs. The new owners relocated the company to its present location just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Meadows of Dan, Virginia in 1988. Since then, the company has steadily built its capabilities and technological expertise in the areas of heavy and light duty sewing, precision machining and finishing of high tolerance metal parts and proficient assembly of diverse components.

While many US sewing operations have been negatively affected by low cost off-shore alternatives, AERIAL flourishes by focusing on products where quality is the overriding concern---namely products that protect lives. Our customers know that we simply do not cut corners on quality. This is reassuring when lives are in the balance.

To date, most of our products have fallen into the following categories:
> Tactical Vests and Harnesses
> Personnel Restraints/Seat Belts
> Search and Rescue Equipment
> Parachute Components and Accessories
> Aerial Delivery Pr
> US Coast Guard Products
> Hardware
> Industrial Safety Products
> Other: Medical, Recreational Gear, Case
   Goods, Misc.

We produce products for :
> All branches of the US Military
> Military special operations
> Prime defense contractors
> Many allied foreign militaries
> Major airframe manufacturers
> Search and rescue organizations
> Police and law enforcement agencies
> Forestry departments
> Private industry
> Parts distributors

AERIAL is recognized for the quality and consistency of our products. We have received numerous certifications and credentials that set us apart from competitors in our industry.

Our management team and skilled staff are dedicated to serving our customers well. We welcome the opportunity to explore joint ventures, and strategic alliances. To find out more about working with AERIAL, visit the How to Do Business with AERIAL section of our website or Contact Us directly.

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