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HGU-56/P Rotary Wing Aircrew Helmet
Designed to keep pace with innovations in flight technology and emerging mission scenarios, the GENTEX HGU-56/P helmet system offers modular engineering for cross-platform use within multiple Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement and civilian rotary aircraft. The helmet's enhanced design features a multitude of options to improve aircrew personnel fit, functionality, mission adaptability and essential head safety and protection. Aerial is a Military distributor, exclusive for US Army and USCG for GENTEX.
The next generation Emergency Breathing Device. Increased capacity while decreasing weight.
AirTEP-Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform
The innovative solution for personnel extraction in extreme environments. Designed for any helicopter, utility or combat, civilian or military, the AirTEP is a global solution for rescue operations in any extreme enviroment.
Slide-Lok Rescue Hook with Swivel
Our patented helicopter rescue hook with "Slide-Lok" release is durable and dependable and exceeds US military specs.